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    • Eric,
      Thank you for your comment. We loved making this short film, and we are very flattered for your appreciation. Your family are peacefully resting in such a special and beautiful cemetery. We think the world of Tlacolula! We have been fortunate to have a great friend—also from the community who invites us to experience her beautiful family and home. We always look forward with anticipation when traveling down to visit Oaxaca.

      I also admire your work with and would love to utilize your services on my next visit. My goal is to experience more of the environmental, natural energy of Oaxaca.

      Warm regards,

    • I apologize for such a late response to you Kelly. I hope you were able to travel to Oaxaca in 2016. If you were unable and would still like my recommendations for helping to plan your trip in 2017, please contact me via email (using my contact in the footer) and we can correspond via email.


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